MyVideoSpy Review

MyVideoSpy - Video Creation Suite | Helping to rank your videos on the top of specified search terms

Today we’re covering the launch of a new software tool for producing video content for the web. It’s called MyVideoSpy and it was made to fill the hole in functionality left by recent Youtube updates. Using this toolset you’re able to track and view competition while also being able to test potential video contents rankability, without having the create the content first. So without further ado, let’s jump into the review

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What is MyVideoSpy


MyVideoSpy is a YouTube specific video research tool. It helps you analyze the competition as well as assist in the process of finding good search terms. Here are the tools you get:

✔️ Research Tool

✔️ Stat Tracker

✔️ Rank Tracker

✔️ Live Events

✔️ Training Videos

All of the tools are aimed to help you rank for given search terms. It was designed with affiliate marketers in mind.

What's It Good For?

It helps fill in a lot of functionality that isn’t available on YouTube by default. It assists in finding video topics, then determining if that video topic (usually associated with a specific keyword or phrase) is worth the effort required to make it.

It’s made with affiliate marketing in mind, but I could see this tool being used for other forms of video content very easily.

Use Cases

  1. 🔎 Video Keyword Research
  2. ✏️ Those with less experience in marketing
  3. ❤️ Keep track of your videos over the long term
  4. 📰 See Competition and how they do in comparison


  • Easy access to new ideas for videos that actually have people viewing them.
  • The ability to see competitions viewership on any given day.
  • Test video ranking without having to create the video using the “Event” tool

Not Good At

  • It doesn’t provide much in terms of showing you how to create the video itself

MyVideoSpy Review

My Experience

The real question is if MyVideoSpy is worth the price. That comes down to how well it actually does what it’s advertised to do. After a good amount of testing, I think we have an answer. In short, yes, it does what is advertised and it provides you with plenty of resources like video tutorials and guides to make sure that you use the tool to its maximum potential.

🔷 Research Tool

The keyword research tool is the first thing you’ll be using when you start using MVS. It allows you to input keywords and outputs suggestion of associated keywords that have room for video content. Once you find a keyword that piques your interest you can click on the eye icon and it shows you metrics on the top 10 videos currently ranking for that keyword or phrase. It will then display the top-ranking video for that search term and tell you how well they did at optimizing for it. This leaves you the opportunity to do better than the top ranking video and take their spot.

myvideospy's research tool

🔷 Stat Tracker

The stat tracker portion of MVS is similar to the competition tracker. You can mark specific videos and see all the important metrics associated with that video. These metrics show you views, comments, likes, and dislikes over a long period of time and gives you an exact number to expect for your own videos' viewership.

myvideospy's stats tool

🔷 Rank Tracker

You can track the ranks of different videos that you’ve added through the Live Events tool which we’ll also be going over shortly. This way you can see where your videos place before creating them. It’s a nice little tool and it’s one of the more unique ones at that. Many of the other tools I’ve seen that do similar keyword related functionality don’t include this sort of pre-release testing. Clearly, the creators of MVS have been in the video creation business for quite some time.

myvideospy's video rank tracker tool

🔷 Live Events

As I stated above, this tool is how you test your initial video ranking before even creating the video. It used the “premier” functionality that you have access to by default on Youtube to create a precursor to a video. You input a Title and Description and after about 10 minutes your Event will be indexed on youtube and you will be able to see it’s ranking amoung that search terms competition. This is my favorite tool out of the bunch. It saves the most time and I didn’t even know this kind of functionality as possible with youtube.

myvideospy's rank testing tool

🔷 Training Videos

Included with MVS is a set of Training Videos which show you the basics of how to use the tools as well as the basics of optimization and other important skills for ranking your videos consistently. It’s a nice little resource and they didn’t have to include them, but the fact that they did shows an extra bit of dedication to the users of the product that I really appreciate. It also made the creation of this review far simpler as I was able to pick up the tool in just one afternoon.

myvideospy's training videos


I had a great experience using this tool suite. It’s well put together and the developers seem to really care about what they’ve created. The tools are powerful and easy to use and the roll they fill isn’t done well by many other pieces of software.

Overall, a very solid product.

MyVideoSpy Score

Overall Score: 84 / 100
User Interface: 95 / 100
Pricing: 70 / 100
Functionality: 80 / 100
Experience: 90 / 100