Design Evo Review

Design Evo - Logo Design Tool | Creating professional logos quickly and cheaply

This article is going to go over all the major features as well as the pros and cons attributed to the logo designer called, “DesignEvo” I’ve personally used this tool quite a lot and purchased around 8 logos from them so I have a good amount of knowledge when I comes to the effectiveness of the tool. Without any further delay, let’s jump into the review.

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What is Design Evo?


Design Evo is a web based logo design and creation tool. They provide a multitude of premade logo designs to make the process easier than starting from scratch. Here are the major features included.

✔️ Logo Library

✔️ Logo Designer

✔️ Download & Edit

Of course, the best way to understand a tool is to use it, but we're going to cover everything you need to know before you get your hands dirty.


Breaking down each of these features will help give you a better idea of how their system works:

🔷 Logo Library

The first thing you’ll be greeted with, post the home screen and registration process, is Design Evo’s expensive library of premade logo designs. Every logo you create with their toolset will start with one of the thousands of options available here. They are organized based on the category they fit best with, and the page itself has plenty of functionality to help you search and find the right logo for you and your brand.

designevo's logo library

🔷 Logo Designer

Once you’ve selected one of the available options you’ll be prompted to give a name (optionally) and slogan (again option) for your logo. Once you enter those two things you’re off to the races with their design tool. They give you a good amount of control over the selected logo. Everything from color, size, and position are under your control. You are also able to change fonts and add or remove any of the graphical assets they provide to you in the helpful sidebar. After that, you’ll move on to the download section of the site.

designevo's designer system

🔷 Download & Edit

You have three options once you’ve completed your design. You can use the free version of the logo you just created, or purchase one of the two premium choices that are made available to you (We’ll be covering these parts in more depth in the review section of this article)

designevo's download & edit feature

What's It Good For?

Use Cases

In short, Design Evo Excels in speedy creation at a low cost. Rather than spending hours trying to find a logo designer and then paying anywhere from 100-1000 dollars for them to design you a logo from scratch you simply follow the steps provided and get a high-quality logo that you can use anywhere from the web to prints.

In essence, its good for smaller businesses and personal use.

Design Evo Review

My Experience

As I previously stated, I’ve used Design Evo a LOT. I’ve created around eight different logos using their site and it’s been indispensable for the work that I do. I’m required to frequently make new sites and branding graphics to go along with them and Design Evo prevents me from needing to pull up a blank page on photoshop every time the need for a logo arrises.

Purchase Options

For the most part, the basic $25 package is what I use. It gives you the transparent background (which is basically required for web applications) as well as a higher resolution image and editability, which is not available on the free version. They also have a $50 premium option, but I would only recommend that option for those that need a vector graphic version of your logo.

Who Is It For?

We recommend Design Evo for those of you who aren't designers and need some nice premade logos to use and for those designers who are limited by time.

✔️ Benefits:

As I previously stated, it’s lower cost and faster than many other logo design options, but that doesn’t really mean you lose quality. You will need to spend a bit of time, and preferably have an eye for basic design in order to produce something professional grade. However, even if that’s not the case, you can easily just recolor a predesigned logo and still get an awesome end result.

❌ Negatives:

Where Design Evo falls short is being 100% unique. Of course, many people have access to this tool and as a result, there is the possibility that you will use a logo that is already being used by someone else. For the most part, this isn’t an issue, but it’s something to keep in mind.

You also don’t get full control like you would from creating a logo from scratch, and you have to do most of the dirty work yourself if you want to make edits.


It’s a good service. I like it and that’s why I use it so often. It keeps things simple, and it saves a butt-ton of time and money. I’ve yet to find a more comprehensive logo design tool on the web that doesn’t require you to create the logo yourself.



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DesignEvo Score: B+

Overall Score: 90 / 100
User Interface: 90 / 100
Pricing: 80 / 100
Functionality: 95 / 100
Experience: 90 / 100